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Enable a Seamless Integration Across Multiple Systems

Healthcare is saturated with standalone, disparate systems where healthcare data and money don’t move together. This disconnect creates complex workflows that result in frustration and wasted resources. InstaMed takes that chaos and creates a seamless connection across your entire organization to enable a consistent healthcare payments experience for consumers and staff.



Integrate With Your EHR and PMS

Multiple vendors and manual practices for processing and posting patient payments can translate to double entry, human error, time lost by staff and potential compliance issues. We’ve built superior integrations with leading EHR and PM solutions to enable a seamless experience for both patients and staff. Collect more payments and reduce your risk all while enabling a consistent and seamless patient payment experience that builds loyalty and trust for your brand.

Create Healthcare Payments Harmony

Take the complexity out of healthcare payments

Integrate With Your EHR and PMS

Integrate InstaMed solutions into your EHR and Project Management system to enable a seamless experience for both patients and staff

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One Vendor

Eliminate multiple vendor contracts, reduce security risks and trust one platform to move money and healthcare data seamlessly

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Developer Portal

Integrate InstaMed solutions into your existing systems and achieve the highest levels of security and compliance

Experience Superior Workflow Integrations

InstaMed Connect

Ensure security and compliance with one, integrated platform for healthcare payments.

InstaMed Connect

Simplify Every Healthcare Payment
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Reduce PCI Scope By 90%

Deliver a seamless and secure online consumer payment experience within your existing patient portal.

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Case Study

Hospital improves the payment experience with InstaMed payment integration in Epic.

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See who we integrate with, or contact us to learn about other integration options.

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500,000 total inpatient and outpatient visits a year
Total Value Created = $3,500,000

Billing Service

300,000 billed claims a year
25 Hospital or Office Based Clients
Total Value Created = $900,000

25 Doctor Practice

90,000 patient visits a year
Total Value Created = $400,000

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