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Your VP of Patient Experience Needs a Seat at the Revenue Cycle Table

Every organization wants to maximize revenue and deliver the best possible healthcare service. The problem is many healthcare organizations fail to realize that these two goals are connected. The finance team might not consider the impact that patient experience can have on revenue, while the patient experience team might not think about payments as part of an overall positive healthcare experience. This disconnect prevents both teams from achieving their goals, and creates a negative impact on a patient’s end-to-end healthcare

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Improve Patient Communication for Increased Collections

How do you communicate with your patients about payment responsibility? With the growing trend in patient responsibility, providers need to think about when and how to discuss financial responsibility with patients. Training your staff to have conversations about co-pays, outstanding balances and estimates while the patient is in the office is a critical part of increasing your collections. Having these conversations is a great way to set patient expectations, but it’s also important to have effective communication once the patient

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The Payment Experience Patients Want

Less than a decade ago, there was no need for provider-patient interaction to extend beyond the patient visit. Today, patients play a critical role in the payments process, and providers must expand their relationship with their patients to include payments. Likewise, patients have a greater interest in their healthcare payments experience and expect the same kind of convenience and simplicity in paying their bills in healthcare as they have in other industries. This healthcare payments process presents new challenges and

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