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Four Ways Consumers are Demanding Changes in the Healthcare Payments Experience

Guest Blogger: Chris Seib, CTO and Co-Founder, InstaMed

1. 91% of consumers say it’s important to know their payment responsibility prior to a provider visit

– Consumer Healthcare Payments Survey 2015

What it means: Rising consumer payment responsibility has changed how consumers approach visits to providers. Consumers want to know upfront how much they will owe and then understand how to make payments. Questions like “how much is this going to cost?” and “what are my payment options?” have become common

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How to Integrate Payments: A 2-Step User Guide for Providers

Last month, we talked about the benefits of integrating payments with your existing healthcare applications, including increased collections, greater efficiency, better security and happier patients. To realize the full potential of these benefits, a healthcare organization needs to integrate payment two ways: into its technology and its processes.

Step 1: Embed Payment Functionality into Existing Systems

Integration connects your systems to share data automatically. Use an integrated payment solution to embed payment functionality within your existing provider-facing and patient-facing systems to create

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The Payment Experience Patients Want

Less than a decade ago, there was no need for provider-patient interaction to extend beyond the patient visit. Today, patients play a critical role in the payments process, and providers must expand their relationship with their patients to include payments. Likewise, patients have a greater interest in their healthcare payments experience and expect the same kind of convenience and simplicity in paying their bills in healthcare as they have in other industries. This healthcare payments process presents new challenges and

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