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InstaMed 2018 Year in Review

The InstaMed network of consumers, providers and payers inspire us every day to improve and innovate in the healthcare payments space. This year, we worked hard to meet and exceed our goals of delivering the best possible healthcare payments experience to all stakeholders. Take a look at some of our 2018 highlights.

We Expanded Our Philadelphia Headquarters

InstaMed has added a third floor to our Philadelphia Headquarters at 18th and JFK Boulevard. The Philadelphia Business Journal featured news of our expanding space,

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5 Things Healthcare Can Learn From Zappos and Starbucks

By Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D.

Joseph A. Michelli is a New York Times #1 best-selling author and consumer experience expert who looks at the best practices and successes of consumer brands like Starbucks, Zappos and UCLA Health System. He will be sharing his insights and expertise as the keynote speaker for the InstaMed User Conference 2017.

Given the title of this article, you might be wondering if I’m really going to make a case that healthcare can learn from brands like Zappos

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InstaMed User Conference 2017 Speaker Profile: Nancy Brooks and Vicki Durso

Nancy Brooks, Business Office Manager, Radiology Regional Center
Vicki Durso, Revenue Process Manager, Radiology Regional Center

What are your predictions for healthcare payments in 2017?

Nancy: No matter what happens with healthcare in 2017, one thing for sure is that healthcare technology will continue to get better and more robust. My prediction is that healthcare organizations will continue to leverage technologies that improve every aspect of their day-to-day processes. This extends to improving the payments process as well. The more healthcare organizations take

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InstaMed User Conference 2017 Speaker Profile: Andrew Kouba

Andrew Kouba, CFO, Abilene Diagnostic Clinic

What are your predictions for healthcare payments in 2017?

I think healthcare is going to keep moving away from paper. So many industries are completely digital, and plenty of others are much further along with digitalization compared to healthcare. However, healthcare is making significant strides towards eliminating paper and I think there are a few consistent trends that are driving that move. First, paper is costly. With increasing costs of paper and postage, mailing a paper

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InstaMed User Conference 2017 Speaker Profile: Sterling Hecox

user coSterling Hecox, Application Analyst II, Mercy Health System

What are your predictions for healthcare payments in 2017?

I think healthcare is going to continue to follow the example of other forward-thinking companies like Uber and Amazon in delivering the best-possible consumer payment experience. Since consumer payment responsibility has consistently increased over the past few years—and despite the unknowns that come with a new administration, are likely to continue to increase—healthcare has gotten better at delivering a consumer-friendly payment experience. I expect

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InstaMed User Conference 2017 Speaker Profile: Neal Sofian

Neal Sofian, Director of Member Engagement, Premera Blue Cross

What are your predictions for healthcare payments in 2017?

I always keep an eye out for the latest healthcare innovations, and I suspect 2017 will become ever more that, “it’s all about me.” We will demand more personal treatment and that will bring us new and even better technology to simplify healthcare payments. It may be a new year, but the pain points of healthcare payments remain the same: too much paper, a

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The Story of One Bill

Meet Stacey. Stacey’s a track and field athlete who just broke her leg in an unfortunate collision with a spatially-unaware pole vaulter. After sharing some choice words with her clumsy collision counterpart, Stacey realizes she needs to go to the emergency room. She calls an Uber and gets a ride to the hospital. The car pulls up to a hospital that is part of a major health system in her community. She slides out of the car and her Uber

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Four Ways Consumers are Demanding Changes in the Healthcare Payments Experience

Guest Blogger: Chris Seib, CTO and Co-Founder, InstaMed

1. 91% of consumers say it’s important to know their payment responsibility prior to a provider visit

– Consumer Healthcare Payments Survey 2015

What it means: Rising consumer payment responsibility has changed how consumers approach visits to providers. Consumers want to know upfront how much they will owe and then understand how to make payments. Questions like “how much is this going to cost?” and “what are my payment options?” have become common

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In Case You Missed It: What’s New at InstaMed

InstaMed brings together providers, payers and consumers to simplify healthcare payments which results in connecting and lifting the entire healthcare economy.

Last month, we introduced a new series of enhancements that do just that. Our latest innovations streamline the user experience, deliver greater visibility into long-term data and give consumers our most seamless experience yet.

Here are the highlights:

New Patient Profile

– Accessing patient financial and benefit information has never been easier. Now, all the information you need is more

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How to Integrate Payments: A 2-Step User Guide for Providers

Last month, we talked about the benefits of integrating payments with your existing healthcare applications, including increased collections, greater efficiency, better security and happier patients. To realize the full potential of these benefits, a healthcare organization needs to integrate payment two ways: into its technology and its processes.

Step 1: Embed Payment Functionality into Existing Systems

Integration connects your systems to share data automatically. Use an integrated payment solution to embed payment functionality within your existing provider-facing and patient-facing systems to create

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