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Simplify Business Processes and Reduce Accounts Receivables With a Single Vendor

Single and multi-specialty healthcare organizations can often encounter hurdles when it comes to collecting timely patient payments and establishing effective patient communication channels. These challenges often lead to inefficient staff workflows and increases in A/R days. With expertise in the healthcare payments space, we understand the challenges practices face and digital solutions to help collect payments and scale growth.

Our team is knowledgeable on how specialty organizations can best leverage the InstaMed platform and solutions. Assess your practice’s needs to determine the right approach to reach your organizational goals, increase collections and improve the patient and staff experience.

  • Offer patients the latest digital payment channels online, Apple Pay® and Google Pay™
  • Collect payments as soon as a claim is adjudicated with the InstaMed Auto Payment Collect™ solution or set up payment plans for high-balance procedures and surgeries
  • Securely save payment information on file to automatically collect balances without the need to print and mail a statement

InstaMed offers billing and payment solutions for all types of healthcare specialties, including:

Get Paid Faster and Reduce Costs to Collect

Automate the collection of one-time or recurring payments as soon as claims are adjudicated

Securely save payment information on file to automatically collect balances without needing to print and mail statements post-service

Offer patients a variety of payment channels digital, contactless and self-service options to improve your accounts receivable and increase cash flow

Seamlessly integrate billing and payments into your electronic health record and practice management system

Simplify Payments for Your Specialty Organization

Dental Service Organizations and Private Practices

Due to high levels of financial responsibility and self-payers, the dental space faces unique challenges when it comes to optimizing collection and reconciliation workflows. Streamline business processes and reduce accounts receivables with a single vendor for collecting, reporting and reconciling all payments from dental patients.

Ophthalmology and Optometry Providers

Vision providers have a complex revenue stream due to a unique payer mix that includes both medical and vision insurance, as well as self-payers. Increase efficiencies by automating collections and offering convenient payment options. Integrate solutions with your EHR/EMR to reduce the risk of posting errors and make it easy to view payments in a single view.

Orthopedic Providers

Orthopedic providers often face financial and administrative pressures due to bundled payments, patient reimbursements and inefficient collection and reconciliation workflows. In combination with high patient deductibles, it is critical to implement policies and digital solutions that will improve the consumer experience.

Radiology Groups

Many radiology groups are pressured to rush through an influx of patients, which can lead to documentation gaps, under-coding and lower reimbursements. Wide variations in coverage make patient payments complex. As patient financial responsibility for out-of-pocket healthcare costs continues to grow, the need for flexible and convenient payment options becomes a critical component for collecting balances owed in full.

Improve Business Efficiency

20 hours saved per week in staff time1
115% increase in cards saved on file2
174% increase in payment plan transactions3

Keep Payment and Patient Data Safe and Compliant

InstaMed is a PCI Level One Service Provider. Protect payments at every touchpoint.

  • Protect card-present data with P2PE
  • Accept EMV and contactless EMV payments
  • Safeguard stored payments with tokenization
  • Keep cardholder data off your networks and reduce PCI compliance costs

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