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Buried in Member Inquiries Right Now? Wellness Programs Won’t Help

The promise of direct-to-consumer solutions – think: wellness incentive programs – is great. Most operate under the theory that if members are actively engaged in maintaining their health, then they will be invested in achieving better health outcomes leading to fewer doctor’s visits and ultimately fewer costs. A new study completely debunks this theory, finding that wellness programs had zero return on the investment. (The study examined wellness programs in the workplace, but the results are so clear that they

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Case Study: Geisinger Health Plan Delivers 85% of Provider Payment Transactions Via ERA/EFT

Geisinger Health Plan (GHP) needed a change when it came to their provider payments. The old process to send electronic payments was time-consuming and expensive – yet, two-thirds of their provider network still received paper checks.

GHP chose to partner with InstaMed to bring about some much needed change. With InstaMed, GHP now delivers 85% of provider payment transactions via ERA/EFT and increased annual revenue by $642k. How did they do it? View the infographic below, then read the case study

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Why Are Payers Still Talking About ERA/EFT Adoption?

It sounds like a great achievement – 80 percent of dollar volume sent as ERA/EFT to providers! You’re only 20 percent away from full ERA/EFT adoption, right? Not quite. Some in the industry would have you believe they have achieved huge milestones when it comes to ERA/EFT adoption, but usually the achievements are quantified in dollar volume. ERA/EFT adoption is still low, as 88 percent of providers report receiving paper payments from one or more of their payers. So while

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